In a designated production site about an hour outside of Shanghai all LangerChen collections are manufactured today – from the fabric to the finished jacket. Since its founding the GOTS-certified business is specialised in the production of sustainable fashion. With its standards in fair manufacturing and good working conditions the brand is far ahead of the curve in China. Here almost 100 employees work on the sustainable collections. A fair wage, good working conditions and a pleasant working climate are the main priority for everyone.


LangerChen shows that fashion “Made in China” does not have to be equivalent with mass production or poor working conditions. On the contrary: Miranda Chen and Philipp Langer founded the textile factory Jiecco as early as 2009 with the aim to establish an environmentally friendly and fair textile production in China. Five years later, this passion for fashion and the expert knowledge in textile production became the cornerstone of the German/Chinese fashion label LangerChen.



It is important to us to treat our planet’s resources with care and to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. When choosing our materials, we bet on organic cotton, eco-wool, Tencel, organic linen and recycled polyester.



We produce almost all of our fabrics ourselves and we focus on optimal function as well as a comfortable fit and a great look. Due to our specific style of weaving, special membranes and the right virgin materials our jackets and coats keep you warm on a cold winter’s day. They are rain repellent. They safeguard you from icy winds and help you through all the hurdles of everyday life.