The Düsseldorf label wunderwerk speaks to trend oriented and fashionable women and men who know how to consciously combine fashion and sustainability. The style is metropolitan, rather clean and cool, without big logos or noticeable branding.


wunderwerk’s requirements vie with the welfare of nature, animals and humans alike. Fair, transparent and consistent. For a fair and sustainable product, it is the whole value chain that carries significance – “more than organic” refers to exactly this essential process.


wunderwerk convinces as a “Lovemark” and makes a contemporary statement in society for fashion that enriches, enchants and constantly changes with the times.

Fashion and sustainability are not contradictory!


Crucial to wunderwerk’s distinctive “style-ID” is the aspect of sustainability. Starting with the cultivation of resources, sustainability is a fixed component of the entire production chain. It brands the label’s unique product-DNA as well as its incomparable character.  This aspect of sustainability mainly manifests in wunderwerk through the use of certified materials (e.g. kbA, kbT, GOTS). Here it is mainly organic cotton (after GOTS-standard) that makes up the base. Materials, like polyester or acryl, that are based on fossil fuels are disregarded completely, while innovative, environmentally friendly fibres, like beech wood and eucalyptus fibres are gaining more traction. wunderwerk is a member of the “Internationaler Verband der Naturtextilwirtschaft” or IVN and follows IVN’s guidelines for best standard (stricter than the GOTS). All accessories, like buttons made of horn, vegetable ivory or metal, are produced without the use of plastic. Zippers and etiquettes are also completely plastic free. Because wunderwerk lives sustainability in all its detail.