choose the change

Nature and fashion have to be able to exist at the same time. We believe that with enough change, together, we can restore balance to our environment. That’s why sustainability is our main priority. Womsh wants to show that sneakers can be produced with the smallest possible influence on nature. Together this is our greatest mission.


To realise the dream of vegan shoes we are collaborating with the Italian business “Frumat Leather”. The shoes have the same design, the fabric is 50% apple remnants. Innovative, sustainable and obviously vegan!

We are constantly improving the materials we use. Our natural leather comes from European countries and is free from metals. Recycled cotton and plastic bottles also form part of our collections.


Every speaker unites Italian style, high quality and sustainability. These clean shoes are the perfect addition to almost any outfit for both women and men. The decision is made harder by the six unique styles that come in a multitude of colours and patterns.


Womsh has been part of the Zero Impact® project since 2014. Its goal is to reduce CO2 emissions. Every process is designed to be as eco-friendly as possible and additionally forests are given long-term protection. Through LifeGate, the initiative “Foreste in Piedi” also prevents deforestation, illegal hunting and other environmental damages in an area of 560 hectares in Brazil.