We like to make a difference when it comes to style. What we do best is to transform the essence of all fashion trends into perfect eco-basics, and know how they are created. We don’t slow down until every last production process, every material and every delivery route has been optimized to our standards of the circular economy. And more than ever, we rely on recycled, recyclable or natural plant-based resources. Simply because it makes a difference.


Our collection is manufactured in perfectly calculated quantities and in carefully selected family businesses near Porto, in the north of Portugal. For us, this stands for short distances, absolute professionalism and maximum transparency. We work with a dense network of agents, production managers, material specialists, pattern developers, technicians and artists. All highly motivated to make our collection as sustainable and innovative as possible.


As a contributor to the fashion industry, we are aware of our responsibility and are constantly on the move to find ways to optimize our products. We have always used only packaging and labels made from 100% recycled paper. But we also include recycled materials in our products themselves: fibres made from recycled organic cotton or even recycled marine plastic waste. Our shoe soles are now made from 70% recycled rubber.

We know PET (polyethylene terephthalate) is still plastic, but it is very recyclable. We hope, just like you, that the production of plastic will soon no longer be necessary. But until then, by using recycled materials, we can help reduce the consumption of natural resources, reuse them and recycle them.