Forrest & Love has started a design revolution in the area of eco fashion & green living. We are a young start-up from Munich, and it is our mission to unite sustainability with luxury & lifestyle. Our portfolio encompasses two categories – copper bottles & copper cups as well as unique gift ideas. All of our products are carefully hand-picked, and they are known for their design, their traditional background and their vigour-inducing effects.

Forrest & Love offers everything the body requires and is free of anything it does not need!


Forrest & Love presents innovative designer bottles and glasses with verifiably vitalising advantages that are based on the principles of Ayurveda. The “Copper Luxury” line expands our range with exclusive bottles and carafes.

“Tamra Jal“ or „water from a copper container”, is a traditional Ayurvedan way of drinking. Copper water bottles are a healthy alternative to plastic or glass bottles. The tradition of Ayurveda attributes extraordinary meaning to copper. Since time immemorial, yogis and wise folk have drunk from copper bottles to guard against illness. And the best thing is that the copper bottles can be passed down through the generations.


With our water bottles and glasses, we unite 99.7% pure copper and elegant designs with a clear mission: to put an end to a society that sees goods as nothing but disposable! To us the conservation of resources is a desirable goal. The modest designs and elegant shapes are a wonderful eye catcher. Whether classically hammered or delicate patterns, the gleaming copper by itself is enough to win over anyone immediately. The bottles are available in different sizes and they are suitable for any occasion. To go with your favourite, there is a matching glass for every design.


Due to their high TÜV approved quality and antibacterial properties, our copper bottles and copper glasses are made to last a lifetime. Additionally, the bottles and glasses are coated with a varnish that complies with food safety regulations and thus they need little to no care and they gleam beautifully. On the inside the copper is left untreated. You can clean your bottle as needed. It is best to use lime scale remover or a little lemon juice – just as you would clean a kettle.